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We do not act as lawyers or legal representatives for any party. We have a panel of medicolegal expert doctors and lawyers that are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of medical cases including risk, absence or presence of negligence, probabilities of success, and possible damages. We are able to assist affected parties in protecting their rights and interests and to have recourse to alternative dispute resolution as an option. This includes doctors being sued and people suing. This is a highly specialized service and if we are unable to assist, we will inform you immediately. Even If we are able to assist, you will still need your own attorney and counsel.


Advanced Life Support

Our world class trauma training will keep you up to date with all the latest techniques and issues. 


Deepen your understanding and experience with our expert Ultrasonography training.


Get informed.  Protect yourself from potential litigation by developing a better understanding of crucial medicolegal issues and concepts.

Emergency Snake Bite

Bloodless Diamonds Australia’s Snakebite Initiative endeavours to reduce paediatric snakebite morbidity and mortality worldwide. Learn snakebite management applicable to South Africa and Australia in Australia,
South Africa and India.



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