Australian Medical Expeditions (AME) provides compulsory continuing medical education for doctors during expeditions to some of the most impressive locations worldwide.

An Australian Medical Expedition is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people, as well as getting away from it all. It is a physical and mental challenge that enlivens the mind, body and spirit. Family are welcome on expeditions, so you can also spend quality time with your loved ones surrounded by all the rugged beauty that nature has to offer.


Australian Medical Expeditions (AME) was conceived and launched as one of the primary social development programs of Bloodless Diamonds Australia (BDA), a progressive social equity company founded in order to fund a slate of programs supporting communities and ecosystems worldwide. This is achieved through an equity stake in alluvial diamond mining in South Africa through its shareholding in the South African mining company, Staten Island Trading. Apart from BDA as a shareholder, AME is a doctor only owned company that generates income through it’s shareholding in BDA and the provision of world class medical education.


AME's financial goal is to support the medical fraternity by generating corporate and passive income streams for doctors. Conventionally in medical training the instructing doctor gets paid a token amount for training services, but misses out on the corporate rate which usually goes to the lawyers and auditors managing the project. 

All of our senior training doctors are invited to become shareholders in AME. We also provide opportunities to our wider community of trusted doctors, offering very generous rates for senior doctors who lead our courses.

AME subsidises ongoing education for its shareholders including The Practitioner’s Certificate in Mediation through The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators: Australia, as well as other education opportunities.

Shareholder doctors are offered first right of refusal to lead AME projects and have freedom of choice in which of the projects to get involved in. All shareholder doctors are paid at our generous corporate rates, in addition to an exciting passive income opportunity. Australian Medical Expeditions has reached an agreement with its founder company, Bloodless Diamonds Australia which gives it, AME, a shareholding within BDA. This opens up an enormously attractive opportunity for passive income generation from BDA's alluvial diamond mining equity into the future.

We are actively looking for two doctors to partner with us as senior medical trainers and shareholders in AME. Register your interest in joining Australian Medical Expeditions for the opportunity to travel the world, generate corporate and passive income and to make a real difference in the world.



  • Medical Expeditions to South Africa to do BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS and ITLS

  • Medical Expeditions to South Africa to do Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Courses.

  • Medical Expeditions to South Africa to attend medical mediation and arbitration courses intended for doctors.

  • Medical Expeditions within Australia to attend Medico-Legal seminars, Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Courses,
    Emergency Medicine Symposiums and Conferences, General Practice Education and an initiative to train Medical Doctors as Mediators and Arbitrators.

  • The setting up of a free online platform for doctors to do a Good Clinical Practice course.


  • The creation of a database of senior medical specialists for the provision of Expert Medical Opinions and Evidence for the legal
    profession in the conduct of civil litigation.

  • The development of a Medical Mediation and Arbitration Forum that would be able to provide the Legal Fraternity with a wide base of medically trained and registered senior doctors to deliberate or assist in medico-legal civil matters that go to mediation or arbitration in either Australia or South Africa.

  • The development of a comprehensive and versatile HIV management plan intended for small to medium sized mining companies in Africa.

  • The provision of a corporate funded social development plan to provide subsidization towards further education for junior medical doctors.

  • The development of Occupational Health models and plans for Industry, especially the mining industry in South Africa.

  • The provision of appropriately qualified and experienced doctors to consult on various projects requiring expert medical knowledge and experience.


  • Shareholding within Bloodless Diamonds Australia to capitalize on equity growth from the mining and diamond industries.

  • Possible shareholding in other partner companies into the future.


AME provides subsidised training of junior doctors on any of the courses offered.

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support

  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Trauma Life Support

  • International Trauma Life Support

  • and their respective provider courses.