Medicolegal teaching and advice for doctors

Our group of senior medical doctors and specialists advice as a group on any issues involving medicine and the law. We have access to a data base of legal experts from
around the world which augments our ability to provide expert medicolegal advice specifically to doctors. Our expert training in the form of lectures, symposiums and
workshops will be conducted by senior medical doctors and specialists, and attorneys and barristers from various global jurisdictions.

Our medicolegal training covers the following aspects.

  • Interface between Medicine and the law (2 Hrs)
  • Conflicting duties (2 Hrs)
  • Protecting the Practitioner (2 Hrs)
  • Ice and the Emergency Department: (4 Hrs)
  • Involuntary Chemical and Physical Restraints (4 Hrs)
  • Ice and the General Practitioner (4hrs)
  • Interface between medicine and the law (2hrs)
  • Consent in the Emergency Setting (4 Hrs)
  • Consent in a General Practice Setting (4 Hrs)
  • Bullying in the Health Sector: How to protect yourself (8 hrs)


What an opportunity

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