Emergency snake bite management

Our snakebite teaching courses will be tied in with the Bloodless Diamonds Snake Bite Initiative, and will be given by senior medical doctors and specialists with a special interest in snakebite in exotic locations in India, Southern Africa and Australia. These courses can incorporate emergency resuscitation teaching as required for the grade of doctors involved. In alignment with the BDA snakebite initiative, AME will fund the teaching of snakebite prevention strategies to remote and vulnerable communities. AME doctors interested in the snakebite initiative will have the opportunity to get involved in some interesting research projects in exotic locations while being able to use up Professional Development Leave.

Our emergency snake bite management training covers the following aspects.

Snake bite in Australia or Southern Africa: (2 Hrs)

  • First aid

  • Envenomation patterns

  • Investigations and management of suspected envenomations.

  • Prehospital Management

  • Emergency Department management.

    • Resuscitation- including anaphylaxis

    • Fluids/Pathology/VDK/Assessment

    • Antivenom

    • Complications

      • Haemorrhage/DIC

      • Circulatory Collapse

      • Respiratory Arrest

      • Cardiac Arrest

      • Local Destruction

  • Potential pitfalls.

    • Case Study 1- Cape Cobra death in Suburban Johannesburg

    • Case Study 2- Black Mamba bite anaphylaxis

Toxicology: (1 Hr)

  • An overview of toxinology in Australia

  • Management of spider bite and marine stings

  • Medically significant jellyfish - Irukandji and Chironex in Australia

  • Recent controversies in first aid and antivenom use

African Reptiles and Venom http://africanreptiles-venom.co.za/

Pleased to be collaborating with Mike Perry and his team based in Johannesburg, South Africa with regards specific teaching and training, tailor-made and suited to travelling foreign doctors that book a medical expedition through Australian Medical Expeditions.

Mike is a World renowned snakebite and snake-handling expert who has trained many thousands of people to safely handle and capture some of the World’s deadliest snakes.

In addition to a full 1 day 5 CPD accredited program, Mike and his team are able to set up “Snake Safaris” to some pretty wild and spectacularly beautiful snake havens in South Africa.